Wine pairings for Spaghetti con L’uovo Fritto (Fried Egg)

Wine Pairings for Spaghetti con L’uovo Fritto

 Bianco: Girlan Plattenriegl Pinot Bianco, Girlan Pinot Grigio

Rosso: Girlan Vernatsch Gschleier Alte Reben, Girlan St. Magdalena

It sounds anti-climatic alongside Ed’s decadence this week, but in wine, everything is better when balanced. Just enough of each element is necessary. This hardly limits the wine styles of fine wines. A wine that is lean and racy can be just as great as a wine that is hulking and oaky. The balance we’re looking for in this pasta and wine pairing is judicious fruit, moderate ripeness, refreshing acidity and no new oak. Alto Adige’s Cantina Girlan produces a wide range of wines – in both varieties and prices – that can do all these things all at once. While many will work, here are my picks.

For the whites, something more aromatically neutral is best. Spring flowers and egg yolk just won’t blend well. Reach for the Plattenriegl Pinot Bianco or the Pinot Grigio from the Classic line. There’s Pinot Bianco in the classic line, too, but the single vineyard Plattenriegl is worth every penny of the additional $3-5.

For the reds, more generous fruit flavors and aromas can slip in, but it’s best to stay on the red side of the fruit equation, rather than edge into riper black notes. Soft tannins are best; let high acidity clean up the richness of the egg yolk, olive oil and cheese. Vernatsch, a.k.a. Schiava, is reminiscent of Pinot Noir, which embodies all of the qualities I’ve listed. The St. Magdalena is mostly Vernatsch with a dabbling of Lagrein. The Gschleier is made from old vines, so it has density of fruit and complexity. However, it’s still light on its feet as it’s under 13% abv.

If you can’t find Girlan’s wines, just seek out northern Italian wines from these same varieties. You’ll find your pairing in no time!

p.s. check out our recipe for Spaghetti con L’uovo Fritto.

Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor

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