Wine Pairings for Tagliolini con Gamberi e Carciofi (Shrimp and Artichokes)

Spumante: Marchiori Prosecco Valdobbiadene Integrale, Malibran Prosecco Col Fondo Valdobbiadena Credamora

Bianco: Le Calcinaie Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Fontaleoni Vernaccia di San Gimignano

 Pairing anything with artichokes is tough. However, Italian whites classically have masses of acidity and minerality that ease the chore. Certain grapes rise to the occasion, like Vernaccia. Reds are near impossible between the acidity of the artichokes and the metallic response of seafood to red wine tannins. So, I’ll propose a bubbly as an alternative. Bubbles in wine act like tannins to a degree (they also give additional perceived acidity), and since you don’t need much of those tannin-like effects, these new-age, extra brut, and saline Prosecco will do a very fine job.

Most Vernaccia, especially those of San Gimignano, are of a leaner and more minerally style. Both work with this dish between the acidic pop of the artichokes, the green of the parsley, and the saline hints from the shrimp. Both of the wines I recommend here have a similar profile. The Le Calcinaie – throughout the vintages – seems slightly more fruit-driven and approachable if that is what you prefer.

Prosecco is often thought of as a floral and frequently sweet wine, but the truth is that it is made in many different styles. (That even includes still Prosecco!) For this pasta, some of the newcomer Prosecco products are inspiring, heavenly, and well-suited to this dish. The two I recommend are – unusually – bottle-fermented, and the Malibran is left on its lees in a bottle. So while the two have many crusty bread characters, the Malibran is especially in that vein. All the better to pair with a Sunday Pasta!

Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury
Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor@canterburywine

Click here for Tagliolini con Gamberi e Carciofi.

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