Wine Pairings for Tagliatelle ai Carciofi (Artichokes)

Wine pairings for Tagliatelle ai Carciofi

Bianco: Inama Soave, Pra Soave Otto, Ca Rugate Soave Monte Fiorentini

Rosso: Massimo Ronca Bardolino, Zonin Bardolino, Allegrini Bardolino Corte Giara

Artichokes are pretty wicked when it comes to wine pairing. Their high-powered “green,” lemony and lightly bitter qualities don’t align easily with wine – whatever its color. Happily, lots of Italian wines have both lemony (at least in the whites category) and pleasantly bitter qualities, so the marriage is likely happiest with Italian sippers!

Soave, made from the Garganega grape, is an excellent choice. It’s lemony for sure, but it’s not necessarily “green.” Instead, it tends to have a nicely creamy, toasty, leesy mid-palate. That’s perfect for this pasta thanks to its heavy cream. Furthermore, the pasta and the wine have nothing more than a pitch-perfect, medium body. Neither is too much of anything weight-wise, and they match brilliantly.

Light, easy-going (without much tannin) and mouthwateringly acidic works best in the red wine category, too. Taking a cue from the northern white wine I suggested, I suggest looking into Bardolino from the same area. Yes, Bardolino – like Soave – was an over-produced and over-consumed wine in our grandparents’ generation. Today, however, its dignity is back! Its typically pale color, bright acidity, mild body and gentle tannins make it a red that can negotiate with feistily-flavored artichokes. Furthermore, those light tannins and that fairly low alcohol mean it is a wine that can take a chill with dignity…perfect for the warmer days approaching.

Check out our recipe for Tagliatelle ai Carciofi.

Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor

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