Wine Pairings for Ravioli con Crema di Pistacchio – The Rana Ravioli Challenge

Wine pairings for Ravioli con Crema di Pistacchio.

Bianco: Pacherhof Kerner, Cantina Caldaro Kerner Carned

Rosso: Lo Triolet Gamay, Grosjean Frères Gamay

This pasta has bright top notes thanks to the acidity of the goat cheese. It also has medium to medium-plus weight between the heavy cream, butter and cheese. So, a medium weight wine with mouthwatering acidity to cleanse the palate is ideal. Wines from cool climates, primarily those from high altitudes, will work best. The cool climates will bring the acidity while the sunshine from the high altitudes will bring the body.

Kerner is a moderately aromatic white grape variety with lots of white pepper notes. This aromatic characteristic will work well with the pistachio. Kerner also has tingling acidity to match the goat cheese’s pungency as well as plenty of mouth-coating viscosity to match the weight and richer elements of the pasta.

Gamay is a black grape variety that is juicy and sappy. Its vinous qualities will meld well with the weight of this pasta. It also feels very round on the palate, so it will mimic the dish’s buttery and creamy influences. It also has good acidic tension to keep the palate refreshed. Its woodsy qualities will meld with the nuttiness of the pistachios.

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Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine (MW)
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