Wine Pairings for Gnudi di Spinaci e Ricotta (Spinach)

Wine pairings for Gnudi di Spinaci e Ricotta

Bianco: Marchione Gavi, Lanza Soave

Rosso: Marchione Grignolino, Lanza Bardolino

If this pasta gives such an impression of lightness that it ressembles nakedness, that is just what its accompanying wine should wear…reveal…er, be. Wines without oak, smelling only of their own sweet perfume, are the perfect accessories.

This lighter version of gnocchi works well with light-to medium-bodied wines because they do have some weight nonetheless. The butter, ricotta, Parmigiano and eggs see to that. Refreshing liquids with palate-cleansing acidity will perfect the match. Gavi, Soave, Grignolino and Bardolino are cool climate wines from Italy’s north that keep the palate invigorated so the fork fulls of gnudi can keep coming. You can also keep filling up your glass because these wines are definitely easy on the wallet.

Gavi and Grignolino come from Italy’s northwestern corner of Piedmont. A smaller producer focused on quality, Marchione tries to make wines true to their varieties and provenance. Their Gavi shows a beautiful combination of fruit and mineral notes – oyster shell and grapefruit really stand out. This white wine also has a fun chalky texture that helps liven up the palate after a bite of gnudi. The Grignolino is a light red wine that offers berry fruit fragrances and just a touch of tannin. They’re a great duo and sippable before, during and after your meal.

Lanza hails from the Veneto in Italy’s northeastern corner. This label is produced by a cooperative, but the wines are made from specially selected vineyards rather than a collection of everyone’s grapes. The Soave shows pretty herbal top notes that will blend nicely with the gnudi’s sage. It also tastes of almonds, which works well with the nutty notes of the Parmigiano. Their Bardolino is loaded with crunchy red berries, providing contrast to the somewhat richer flavors of the gnudi. This red’s very light tannins and crackling acidity offset the medium weight of the dish, too.

I hope you enjoy each of these vinous accessories for your naked pasta! For once, I’d say ignore Coco Chanel’s advice. The more accessories, the better.

Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor

p.s. check out our recipe for Gnudi di Spinaci e Ricotta.

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