Wine Pairings for Fusilli alla Checca (Tomato and Mozzarella)

Wine Pairings for Fusilli alla Checca

Spumante: Contratto For England Rosé Brut 2007
Rosso: Rascioni & Cecconello Ciliegiolo Rotulaia 2009

This dish exudes fresh flavors, reminiscent of the last days of summer.  Hence, my thoughts on wines lean in the same direction.

To celebrate the passing of summer into fall, why not pop the cork on a bottle of bubbly? Bubbles often start an evening or a meal, and substantial styles of sparkling wines can take you through to the end. One I tasted recently is Contratto’s For England Rosé Brut 2007. Its red fruit notes will combine seamlessly with the substantial ripeness of end-of-summer tomatoes while its light creamy, yeasty notes will blend well with the fusilli. To top it off, the salmon pink color from this 100% Pinot Noir will blend well with the dish, too! If you can’t locate this particular wine, any sparkling wine from the northwestern regions of Oltrepò Pavese or Lombardia that have been crafted in the “metodo classico” style will pair just fine.

The first red wine that pops into mind for this pairing is made from the little heralded grape Ciliegiolo. This grape is not often made as a varietal wine; it is usually blended with Sangiovese and other local friends in Tuscany. The dedicated team at Rascioni & Cecconello show just how much vinous happiness can be sussed out of this grape. Their Rotulaia bottling teems with red cherries and raspberries topped off with light hints of fresh herbs. If this gem proves hard to find, and it just might unless you’ve got a top-notch store near-by, grab an unoaked Chianti Classico (don’t splurge on the Riserva, you’ll want a simpler wine.)

Check out our recipe for Fusilli alla Checca.

Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor

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