Wine Pairings for Farfalle con Barbabietole (Beets)

Wine pairings for Farfalle con Barbabietole

Bianco: Rapitalà Grillo, Di Giovanna Grillo

Rosso: Zeni Teroldego Rotaliano Lealbere, Fedrizzi Cipriano Teroldego Rotaliano

Beets are earthy, so they pair well with wines that have a similar flavor profile, like Grillo and Teroldego Rotaliano. Since aromas ressembling forest floor and mushroom are the focal points here, avoid highly alcoholic and oaked wines. Otherwise, your pairing will taste of chocolate or vanilla and dirt – quite unpleasant! Look for wines with medium to medium-plus body, which usually fall in the 13-14% alcohol range.

Shopping for a mid-weight wine is particularly important for Sicilian Grillo as it can be made in a light, lean style. The density of this pasta’s mouthfeel will overwhelm such styles. Grillo, even when fully ripe, often has herbal top notes that will link perfectly with the green nuances of the beet tops.

Older Trentino Teroldego Rotaliano is particularly lovely as it loses its youthful fruit and becomes meatier in flavors. Also, if a Teroldego was on the oakier side in its youth, a few extra years in bottle will allow those oak tones settle down.

Check our our recipe for Farfalle con Barbabietole.

Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor

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