Wine Pairings for Corxetti al Pesto con Gamberi (Shrimp)

Wine pairings for Corxetti al Pesto con Gamberi

Spumante: Jeio Prosecco Brut, Jeio Prosecco Cartizze Brut, Nino Franco Rustico Valdobbiadene Prosecco Brut

Spumante Rosso: Jeio Cuvée Rosé, Nino Franco Faìve Brut Rosé

Pesto has a lively, garden fresh scent. So naturally, wines that have a similar liveliness work well with it. This spry pasta – given its pesto and shellfish elements – works best with minerally wines.

Too often we forget to drink sparkling wines as everyday wines, and this shrimp pasta represents the perfect opportunity. Prosecco seems omni-present today as it has become so popular, and it is the drier, more serious versions that are a brilliant accompaniment to this dish. While Prosecco is generally deemed a more affordable option to Champagne – and it generally is – it can be quite expensive, too, for its single vineyard versions. The higher one goes up in quality, the more mineral and seafood-like/iodine-esque one gets in flavor.

While the more lively elements of this pasta may work better with sparkling or white wine, there’s plenty of room for a red-esque influence. Why not rosé? Prosecco can continue to work in this realm. Rosé versions have a nicely earthy influence that blends well with the nutty notes of the pesto.

If these Proseccos aren’t available in your market, just look for drier styles labeled as Brut.

Check out our recipe for Corxetti al Pesto con Gamberi.

Cin cin!
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