Wine Pairings for Conchiglioni Ripieni (Stuffed Shells)

Wine pairings for Conchiglioni Ripieni

Bianco: Mario Schiopetto Friulano, Borgo M Friulano

Rosso: Fattoria Paradiso Sangiovese Superiore, Drei Donà Tenuta La Palazza Le Vigne Nuove

This dish is rather light for pasta – despite the fact the pasta is stuffed with cheese. The key is that the cheese – ricotta – is light in weight. So, mid-weight wines work best here as do wines with perky acidity…the tomatoes need that!

Whites from Friuli’s indigenous Friulano (fka Tocai Friulano) are a solid pairing. These wines have a faint richness to match the cheese as well as heady acidity to give the combination solid structure. Just a touch of glycerol will do, even if you choose another grape variety.

On the red side, wines with lightness match the best. Sangiovese di Romanga works particularly well because the wines have a tomato leaf lightness. Stay away from new oak and high alcohol, and you will have a winner in this category.

Check out our recipe for Conchiglioni Ripieni.

Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor

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