Wine Pairings for Conchiglie con Fagioli Rossi (Red Beans)

Frizzante: Fiorini Lambrusco Grasparossa Terre al Sole, Cantina del Taburno Aglianico Rosé Spumante Albarosa

Rosso: Fazi Battaglia Rosso Conero, Masserie Pizari Salento Rosso

It’s impossible not to love – and even adore – the diversity of Italian pasta. Of course, the diversity of Italian wines doesn’t trail behind. From north to south and east to west, the vastly different offerings of Italy can cover all your preferences for an accompaniment for this pasta.

Two proteins plus a carbohydrate make this a filling dish. Rosato, frizzante and rosso will be the best bets. In fact, why not combine the rosato and frizzante? This way, you get a bit of tannin from the red varieties and a bit of chill for some freshment. Lambrusco (from the north) is one of Italy’s most food friendly wines. The deeply colored Grasparossa Terre al Sole is Fiorini’s most serious and driest bottling made exclusively from the Grasparossa clone of the Lambrusco grape. Cantina del Taburno (from the west) is better known for its still wines, but its lively bubbly may well be its most cheerful cuvée. It is first made into a still rosé wine then refermented in large vats to achieve its sparkling state. This will be the lighter of these two sparkling options.

Moving on to rosso category, many unoaked reds will work well. From the east, there’s Fazi Battaglia’s Rosso Conero. Made mostly from the Montepulciano grape with a dollop of Sangiovese, this is a mid-weight red that will cut through the dish’s weightier elements while reviving the palate. From the south, try Masserie Pizari’s Salento Rosso. Crafted exclusively from Negroamaro, this juicy red with easy tannins is weightier and darker than the Rosso Conero.

Whatever your choice for this week’s Sunday Pasta, it’s hard to go wrong with just about anything unoaked and made from a red grape variety, even if it turns up rosato in color. As always, it’s most fun to buy a bottle or two and compare each with the pasta so you can choose your own favorite pairing.

Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor

Click here for Conchiglie con Fagioli Rossi.


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