Wine Pairings for Cavatelli con Cannellini

Wine pairings for Cavatelli con Cannellini

Bianco: Foradori Manzoni Bianco Fontanasanta, Inama Vin Soave

Rosso: Oddero Langhe Nebbiolo, Sandro Fay Valtellina Superiore Costa Bassa

The pairing of starch on starch is always fascinating to me. It’s very European and not at all American. This pasta is easy on vibrant flavors, hence it is very accommodating for lots of different wine pairings. As such, it’s a good opportunity to suggest harder to find wine pairings with the overarching comment that many less-aromatic varieties will work well with this wine. Still, for every harder to find option, there is one that is more readily available.

Manzoni Bianco is a blend of Riesling and Pinot Bianco, the perfect combination of aromatic and savory. This blends supremely well with the beans and pasta, and the aromatics of Riesling that come out work well with brightness of the tomato paste. A perfect alternative is a Soave, with its bright acidity but neutral fruit.

In the red category, Nebbiolo is an excellent play with the neutrality of this dish. Nebbiolo is perfumed, which works with the brightness of the tomato, but it also has an terroir-driven side that plays well to the earthiness of the beans. While Langhe Nebbiolo may be well-known, few appellations are, outside Barolo and Barbaresco. Valtellina is a fine example of the less-explored terroirs of this brilliant grape that go very well with generous but not overly hearty food.

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Cin cin!
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