Wine Pairings for Capellini con Burro e Basilico (Butter and Basil)

Wine pairings for Capellini con Burro e Basilico

Bianco: Franz Haas Manna

Rosso: Franz Haas Merlot or Lagrein

Ah, doping with wine. Yes, one not only must be careful of the right amount of pour and the number of pours but also which pour.

For this fragrant and bare-boned pasta, both white and red wines can work well. I’ve not mentioned this in a while, but I almost always think it when I write about pairing wine with pasta. So, here’s the biggie: stay away from wines with new oak. There are three wines that I tasted just yesterday that would match very well. They are from Franz Haas in Alto Adige.

The white wine is called Manna. It is a blend of 50% Riesling, 20% Chardonnay, 20% late harvest Gewurztraminer and 10% Sauvignon Blanc. It is impressively aromatic; this will work well with the basil. On the palate, there’s a bit of silky richness; this is perfect for the butter. Manna is dry and crisp. It’s great for the pasta as well as the first glass of doping.

There are two delightful reds from this house, too. The first is a varietal Merlot. It is full of fragrant, crunchy red berry fruit. It’s medium bodied with round tannins. If you prefer red to white, this should be your first glass. The second red wine is a varietal Lagrein. It’s a bit more robust with faintly tugging tannins. It, too, is cram-packed with fruits. These are of a riper nature – black cherries and blueberries. This is better saved for later and served with the pasta, but no one’s blood testing for traces of Lagrein….

Remember, only dope with the good stuff!

Check out our recipe for Capellini con Burro e Basilico as well as our About to learn a little about basil.

Cin cin!

Christy Canterbury, MW

Wine Editor


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