About Farfalle al Salmone

In researching this pasta dish, Farfalle al Salmone, something strange happened that has not happened with other pasta recipes. I found tales of this dish in Naples, Rome, Milan, and even all the way down at the bottom of the boot, Sicily. So what is a person to do other than generalize that it is an Italian dish that is liked throughout Italy?

Salmon is not common on Italian restaurant menus, which leads me to believe it is more of a dish that is made in the home environment—la cucina italiana. It has no town origin to name, however this is a fish-lovers feast. I believe that salmon is not indigenous to the Mediterranean Sea, but leave it to the Italians to combine it with pasta and make it a comfort food that is full of rich flavor and appeal. Pure genius.

Check out our recipe for Farfalle al Salmone and our wine pairings to compliment the dish.

Donna Picciocchi, Editor.

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